The F5 Web UI usability has not improved that much in a long time. Version 12 is starting to do things about it, but it’s too early to adopt unless you absolutely need some of its features.

The script is using Tampermonkey, a client side script engine, to add functionality to the F5 UI.

Problem this snippet solves:

This script will add some UI enhancement to the LTM module.

  • It will create links to irules in the virtual server resources page:


  • It will parse iRules for data group lists and generate links. Hovering the links will display their content. Also makes the editor area larger and… lo and behold, enables you to use tabs.


  • It will enable you to add predefined profiles for creating CSRs. Useful if you’re requesting certificates for multiple companies/customers.
  • Generates test commands for http, curl and netcat to test your monitors manually


  • Adds a link to the default pool.


  • Makes the monitor selection in the pool configuration bigger making it easier to find the monitor you want to assign.
  • Makes objects in the same partition bold and easier to distinguish from the ones in the Common partition.

How to use this snippet:

  1. Install Tampermonkey for Chrome (a client side user script engine)
  2. Add the script to the Installed user scripts.
  3. Make some configurations in the config section in the top of the script (descriptions available).
  4. Log on to your BigIP and test it.

Reported to work on Firefox too using Greasemonkey.

Want to try it? Scoot over to devcentral to download!

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