This snippet does not work anymore since F5 changed their support portal. New script will be posted later.

This script streamlines the F5 case creation so you don’t have to repeat so much every time you want to create a case with F5.

There could be a few more options in the script (like the data center options) and if you want them, just let me know and I’ll add them.

Prerequisites: Tampermonkey (Chrome) or Greasemonkey (firefox)

Here’s what it does…

Step one

You can select a load balancer from a drop down list to get it’s serial number:


Step two

Chooses a default value for product, default version, HA Pair, environment, remote access, Remote data center.


Step three

Nothing, this is the step where you actually say what’s wrong. You have to do something yourself after all. 🙂

Step four

Selects work hours and the default time zone.


The script

Configure the load balancers variable, defaultversion, defaulttimezone, defaultproduct and you’re good to go.