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BigIp Report – 2019 Survey

There were some great suggestions in the previous survey. Some of them has been transferred to this years survey in order to let people vote for the ones they would like to see.

Make your voice heard and cast your vote using the link below!

BigIP Report feedback requested

Want to speak your mind, share some feedback?

The report has been evolving a bit more towards being more user friendly lately. Icons has been added, column toggle, preferences and reset search.

But truth be told, I more or less have no idea who uses the tool and I’ve got no statistics whatsoever except for the feedback I get in the insanely big comment thread on devcentral.

To make it easier for me to make better decisions/priorities about future features, or even to get ideas from you guys and girls, I’d love if you could answer this short poll (no registration is required):

While the poll is anonymous and the questions is not targeted at you personally it’d nice with an introduction in the last free text question, if you feel like it. 🙂

Any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated, as it always has been.


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